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Finding Peace Everywhere


Both of Trey's books are available on Amazon in paperback and eBook formats. If you would like to order signed copies of either book you can use the PayPal links below ($15 includes shipping and handling in the U.S.A.). 

Finding Peace Everywhere: How Presence, Surrender and Inquiry Changed My Life (2021)

Kind words from Michael Hall, PhD, author of Awake and Alive: Being What you Already Are

"I found Trey’s new book tremendously helpful, original, and an important contribution to this literature. He covers important material I have not found anywhere else. I have benefitted from reading this book and working with the self-inquiry suggestions in it. I enthusiastically recommend it to any spiritual seeker who would like guidance on how to proceed.

So many people around the world now are pursuing this great matter of self-realization, usually without the benefit of an accomplished teacher. For these people, the book will be a revelation and profound contribution. Anyone, experienced or not, who would like a new and valuable perspective on the topic of self inquiry will find it very helpful. From my perspective, there is nothing more important in life than waking up to your true nature. This book will be a great assist to those who are serious, and an inspiration to those who are new to this exploration. It is a major contribution to this burgeoning field of awakening studies." ~ Michael Hall, PhD


A Seeker's Guide to Inner Peace: Notes to Self (2011)

 Kind words from Katie Davis, author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment

"A Seeker's Guide to Inner Peace is a spiritual gem. I love this well written and intelligent book. The light of love, compassion and wisdom shines through every page. Trey Carland writes in a personable and pragmatic manner that is both kind and wise. The reader is fully engaged and one senses that they could be sitting in the same room with the author enjoying an open and honest conversation with a true Heart friend.

The book is a journal of life situation encounters that reflect deep insights and realizations. They skillfully support the inner pathway to conscious freedom and inner peace. Throughout the book, Trey shares inspiring quotes, recommended books, helpful practices and meditations to meet those apparent obstacles the seeker meets. He then gently points toward the ever open doorway to the light that one genuinely is. The "Notes to Self" demonstrate a deeply contemplated life that is fully enriched by direct understanding.” ~ Katie Davis




 Enlightening. Compelling. A doorway to unveiling the True Self.

Trey Carland's latest book is a compelling set of autobiographical anecdotes of one man's journey along the pathless path home. Unlike many books about spiritual awakening that speak in lofty spiritual principles, this gem grounds spirituality in everyday situations that we each face. Every moment is Trey's guru. As such, this book is a here-and-now doorway to unveiling the True Self. And nowadays there is no time to waste in getting back to the place we never left. "Finding Peace Everywhere" has earned a place on my bookshelf standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now." Doug D.

 Take suffering off the table.

I felt at home with Trey's book from the start. It is tender, kind, and clear, but with a 'cut to the chase' style that I appreciate. As I read the book, I felt deeply connected with peace. And by 75% in, love seemed to fill my circulation. Then, out of nowhere, I was hijacked by life into a highly charged emotional situation that wanted to take me down into the depths of my familiar doubt, fear and self-incrimination. I stopped. I didn't want to feel bad. And lo and behold, I had this book! I asked myself the "what if" questions on page 107, just as suggested, sitting quietly. I was quickly relieved of the suffering, felt the absolute goodness of the situation, and could only say . . . Thank . . . You. If you're like me, and you're tired of suffering, this is an excellent choice. - Sandy B.