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Finding Peace Everywhere


Trey Carland has been actively on a spiritual journey since 2005. After several awakening experiences, he became passionate about sharing these insights with the world. "This has to be shared," was the thought that came after one such experience. So, he began blogging about his journey and eventually turned those blogs into two books. His first book, A Seeker's Guide to Inner Peace: Notes to Self, was published in December of 2011, and his second book, Finding Peace Everywhere: How Presence, Surrender and Inquiry Changed My Life, was published in January of 2021. He continues to write and adds new posts to his blog when the impulse arises.

In 2007 Trey began hosting weekly group meetings dedicated to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, who was one of his earliest influences on the spiritual path. This group meeting, which is now called the Awakening Support Group, continues to this day and is being hosted weekly on Zoom. Also in 2007, Trey co-founded the Asheville Sangha online community and Facebook page to help bring together like-minded individuals from Asheville and beyond.

In 2018 Trey began offering meditation hikes in the mountains of Western North Carolina as a way to help others find peace. Combining meditation with walking in Nature is a powerful combination that enables people to become fully present and can foster a sense of oneness with all that is. He created Zen Mountain Tours in 2019 and started partnering with like-minded people to offer a wider variety of tours. He now offers tours through Airbnb Experiences as a way to invite those visiting the Asheville area to connect with Nature in presence. You can also find Zen Mountain Tours on Facebook.

In addition to his group meetings, writing and hiking tours, Trey also started a podcast called Question the Orthodox, where he has posted interviews with some spiritual teachers as well as some of his own guided meditations. Trey has also been working on a film project that he hopes will turn into a mini-series on waking up. Lastly, Trey and his daughter, Izabella, have a YouTube channel called Daddy Daughter Fun Time which is a compilation of improvisational skits they do for fun :-)


It would appear that Life is always inviting us out of the dream of identification with the separate self. Each event is an invitation to wake up and recognize that we are Life itself. This is "my" invitation to "you" -- find out, using your own direct experience, what you truly are, prior to second hand information.

Photo by Sophia Phillips